Micelli Free Advanced Seating Ticket

The Concert is Free!  You don’t have to have a ticket to attend! BUT, if you’d like to invite a friend and come a bit early to ensure the best chances of a good seat, then we have free Advanced Seating Tickets for you (only one is needed per family).

The ticket simply gives you and the guests you have invited the option to enter earlier than the general public.  The public enters when the doors open at 7:00 pm.  Ticket holders may enter beginning at 6:30 pm.

Only request tickets if you have someone in mind you definitely plan to invite.  Tickets are available at the following locations listed below.

One ticket will allow a whole family to enter. Make sure, if you are meeting your friends at the Rialto, that you get a ticket for your family as well.  Another good idea is to car pool with someone you are inviting.

The tickets are also being used in the free gift drawing.  You and your guests should fill the back of the stub out completely before you arrive (1 per family).