Thousands worldwide have witnessed the grace and passion of Jennifer’s ministry. From her first church solo at age three, to her roles in opera, to regular appearances on religious television and worldwide satellite programming, Jennifer continues to inspire listeners around the globe. In addition, her five CDs can be heard on radio from coast to coast and have become inspirational favorites.

This former Tennessee girl who regularly sang specials for church with her two older sisters found herself exploring music and the stage early in life. Over the past decade, her stages have changed from a hometown church to major halls around the world, including the Crystal Cathedral, Manhattan Center, St. Louis Busch Stadium, PICC….and the list goes on.

When you see Jennifer for the first time in concert or on television you are immediately drawn to the beauty of her music and style. But before you can linger on these, something else grabs you. It’s her focus and concentration. It’s like seeing someone staring up into the sky; you can’t help but be drawn to the point of their focus. That’s how it is with Jennifer’s music. Her focus on Christ becomes yours. The thoughts that linger with you are those the song planted in your mind and heart. This is a true gift. A spiritual gift! Jennifer has a commitment to the message she is delivering. And the brilliance and warmth of her voice conveys this message exquisitely.


Click this graphic below to see an example of a Morning Song Concert where our offices provide not only the booking services, but a complete design, print and web support for your concert with Jennifer.  This is what the concert promoters wrote after the concert: “… the evening concert blew us away:  the attendance number was 345 (120 more than their morning church service at the sponsoring church).  After the concert I met with the pastor and music director and we concluded between 35-40 people were not members, they came from the community at large.  Needless to say the Lord blessed us greatly thru Jennifer’s Music Ministry and we are thrilled to be working with you in this exciting new approach to reach non members in a non threatening way.”

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