Friendship Evangelism Advanced Seating Tickets

Definition:  A ticket used to aid in building friendships with of our friends and neighbors. It is a thoughtful gift to allows a guest to enter with VIP advance seating status.

Description:  A free ticket that provides an advance seating option for the non-member guest and/or family in possession of the ticket.  It does not guarantee a seat, but merely allows them to enter early, before the door are open for general admission seating.Quantity: Print 2 to 4 times your seating capacity and distribute like the leaves of autumn.  Each member willing to participate in the distribution of the tickets should take 10 or more and make purposeful invitations to people at work, in their neighborhood and among their non-attending friends.  Usually only about 20

How to Use: Church members should not use the tickets for themselves, but rather give to other non-SDA contacts.  Thus allowing community ‘non-member guests’ to come early and get good seats beginning one hour before the concert time.  Church members should plan to arrive 30 minutes before the concert time when the door are open for general seating.  Deacons should be in place one hour before the concert time to take the ticket stubs of those wanting to enter before the ’30 minutes to curtain’ general seating start time.

By being social and coming close to the people, you may turn the current of their thoughts more readily than by the most able discourse.” — Gospel Workers p. 193

The top quality design and printing of the tickets communicate intrinsic value to the ticket holder and even if those who receive them don’t come, the gift is appreciated and in some cases, the ticket is passed along to one of their family or friends to use.Greeters tear off the stub of each ticket.  On the back will be a place for the ticket holder  to write their name, address and email.  Use these stubs in a drawing during the concert to give out a few nice gifts or a couple CDs by the artist.

Why use a ticket if the concert is free?   
When you put into the hands of your membership a beautiful FEC ticket, they become  embolden to actually reach out in friendship to others around them at home and work. It gives them something tangible to talk about.  And the opportunity to show that they are Christians and involved in a local church that has events designed to invite others. Put something in their hands that will remind and empower them to bring up the subject.
There is need of coming close to the people by personal effort.” — The Ministry of Healing, p. 143
The tickets are an effective tool in providing face to face contacts with your friends and neighbors and in giving you an opportunity to establish a spiritual identity with them. Often the simple invitation to a spiritual concert is enough to open the door to spiritual topics and testimonies.In order to fill the venue we have learned that you must distribute (tickets) four times the seating capacity of the venue, with at lease half of that number being given with a face to face personal invitation.
By personal labor reach those around you. Become acquainted with them.” — Testimonies, vol. 9, p. 41
Ticket Distribution Coordinator
This person organizes the distribution of tickets to locations throughout town; to grocery stores, local Christian bookstores — even a supply for every church in town. He or she distributes tickets to members and organizes door-to-door outings on Sabbaths to cover your community. Morning Song provides the custom design. The tickets are four-color, perforated and numerically sequenced. They really make an impression! And people love getting them.
Personal, individual effort and interest for your friends and neighbors, will accomplish much more than can be estimated. It is for the want of this kind of labor that souls for whom Christ died are perishing!” — Christian Service p. 121
Where and to Whom?
1. Door-to-door invitations for designated areas
2. The local ministerial association and their spouses
3. City officials and thought-leaders
4. Newspaper reporters and photographers

Ticket Design

We have field tested tickets of various designs and have determined the our current ticket (numerically sequenced with a perforated stub) works the best in grabbing attention, assigning a sense of cash value, and in causing the recipient to keep over time as an ongoing reminder of the concert event.We will need your help in the initial determination of the content added to our design.

Think through the contect you wish on your ticket. Study the sample tickets. As we near the finish of your design, we will upload a sample of your ticket on your web site, for your evaluation and proofing. We can’t do much to it at this point other than correct any mistakes or possibly add any last minute details. So suggestions of different picture poses, size or fonts are not the input we need at this point. So please send us the correct details, with correct spelling to begin with.

Ticket distribution is key! Radio and newspaper advertising is the most effective when a support to ticket distribution. Both are essential! We will customize the back with anything you want. e.g. an invitation to a potluck or concert reception following, an upcoming preaching series with logo, an ABC or Adventist School advertisement, etc. etc.

Post signs in the church weeks before the concert, encouraging members to request a packet of tickets to distribute. 

Sample Sign Text below.  

  • Members do not need tickets.  Members are asked to enter the concert auditorium beginning at “30 minutes prior” to start time.    
  • This is a Free Concert. Doors open for the public 30 minutes prior. At that time anyone may enter – with or without a ticket. 
  • Tickets are for invited community guests. Tickets are for your invited, non-SDA, friends and family to ensure they receive preferential seating as our guests. 
  • If you bring a guest, you may enter with them.  Come with, or meet your guests, early and use one of the tickets for yourself.